We at BinYourBoss.com search the worldwide marketplace for the best routes to financial independence and after trying and testing the company out, we share with our site visitors


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If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die – Warren Buffett.

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Discover the power of compounding and grow your investment even faster.

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We personally chose to grow our litecoin portfolio. And even accounting for the 40% drop in the overall value in recent months the 2018 outlook is still hugely positive as these projections display.

Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms are all available with more to come.

Flexibility is key with BinYourBoss.



We have been testing this icentre bot for months now, ensuring they are sustainable, honest, and making sure there are no major tech glitches or chance they will disappear at any moment.

We like them because they, like us, look at multiple ideas and revenue streams and put them all in one place for a simple solution to people searching for financial independence.

They use a combination of Mining Platforms, Automated Trading Programs, Arbitrage Trading across multiple markets inside and outside the crypto space.

All this combines to provide a sustainable future. Even if one of their streams falters they have others to back it up and keep our investment safe.

In the last 4 months we have more than quadrupled our investment not including any referral income we have received.

The power of compounding really is indescribable until you see your money grow at these kind of rates.....and all this in a current downtrend market. Imagine the market growing at the same time!?

You don't need to invest a lot to see big returns so it's a low risk opportunity that won't be around for ever. By only investing what you can afford to lose you can sleep easy AND earn easy. Get started today from less than €10!

How Does it Work?

 Step 2 – Check your email, once verified you're ready to get started within 5 minutes.

 Step 3 – If needed, download the telegram app although a web based version is available. More info

 Step 4 – Choose our quick buy option and let us at BinYourBoss hold your hand the whole way or follow our self service instructions below on how to manage the whole process yourself and make your first deposit.

Step 5 - Once you've made your deposit, that's it, you will be paid back 1.4% of your investment every day (0.35 every 6 hours) until 140% has been achieved (40% profit). So your risk exposure reduces every 6 hours

Step 6 - Once the bot is up and running, you can choose to withdraw your earnings as it comes in or reinvest it to leverage the investment utilising the power of compound interest.

Step 7 - You're going to love this so much you'll want to tell friends and family about it. This helps you earn even more as a thank you for introducing others - Up to 14%


Getting Started with iCentre

The Crypto-Currency space can be confusing and seem arduous for newcomers. For this reason we have included two options for binyourboss customers to choose from from depositing right through the whole process of managing your investment.
1.) A quick buy option which removes the most confusing steps from the process of making your first deposit, and in some cases saves money.
2.) Full Self Service instructions for those wanting complete control over the setting up on an exchange, actual purchase of your chosen cryptocurrency and the final stage of transferring the currency into your icentre account.


Quick Buy

Each package is €10.50. A 5% fee is included in this price and includes the following ease of use benefits for speed and convenience.
- Purchase of your chosen cryptocurrency via the appropriate exchange
- Sending the currency to any iCentre or other wallet address specified by you
- The blockchain mining fee
- Continued support for the lifetime of your iCentre activity Simply click how many packages you would like and follow the simple instructions below

BinYourBoss Crypto Package
X item(s)

In order to activate your chosen number of packages, we will email you within 24hours and arrange the deposit into the icentre account of the bot you choose to go with.

All we will need is your icentre wallet address, which we will give instructions on how to find upon purchase of your packages. We then transfer your BinyourBoss package into the equivalent value of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, depending on which bot you choose to go with.

Self Service

Step 1: Decide which bot you want to go with from either Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and find an appropriate exchange or cryptocurrency broker so that you can purchase the currency needed to activate your icenter bot. We recommend Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world for maximum safety and accountability. Sign up via this exclusive link for $10 worth of free bitcoin. Check here for current countries of operation.


Step 2: Take the address from the icentre bot on telegram to which you need to send the chosen cryptocurrency to. How To Video


Step 3: After the blockchain has confirmed your transaction your bot will automatically start repaying you. You will receive a notification to say they have received funds and in 6 hours you will get your first payment.


Step 4: As your balance grows, choose whether to withdraw funds as they come back or reinvest and compound your investment. More information will be sent from BinYourBoss about the power of compounding and the associated risks as your account activity progresses.