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Transform Your Life

USI-Tech, the world's first fully automated Bitcoin trading platform with a return and compensation plan that is innovative and truly life changing.

Automatic Trading Platform - No Experience Needed

Start with as little as €50 and start your Bitcoin journey.

140% return on capital within 6 months PLUS any increase in Bitcoin value - forecast to hit $10,000 by 2018.
Jan 31 2017 (Source)


Turn €50 into €600 in just SIX months.

How about....€5000 into €60,000!?

The world's first FULLY automated cryptocurrency trading system, with a return and compensation plan never seen before.

Professional Company Professional Trading Professional People

Completely passive income, and easily monitored through the free iOS or Android app

Withdrawal Requests 7 Days a week

No selling required.

Over 100 software versions and 8 years of development have lead to the revolutionary trading system.

The world fastest growing market is cryptocurrency.

How Does it Work?

Because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the time is perfect to maximise opportunity for profits.

For just €50 customers are able to buy a tiny autobot package which works for them.

This capital is put to work and returned over 100 days* Then the bot continues working for another 40days over and above your initial purchase. At roughly 1% a day, this is 140% return on capital.

The best bit! During this time you can reuse your capital return to purchase more awesome little bots or purchase as many as you want. Our clients have HUNDREDS and in some cases THOUSANDS of bots all working away for them right now!

One final aspect is our amazing referral program. You won't be able to keep quiet about this amazing new revenue stream....and we don't want you to. For every package or 'Bot' that is bought on your recommendation - USI-Tech reward you with 10% commission. That commission, paid in Bitcoin is yours to do what you want with. Use it to buy more bots, withdraw it into a safe Bitcoin wallet or put it straight onto a Bitcoin card and go shopping! More and more outlets each day accept Bitcoin, there are even Bitcoin cash machines where you can withdraw your crypto goodness as cold hard cash!

*All days are approximate. Return on Capital will be between 0.75 and 1.25% each day. Returns will be paid until 140% is achieved.